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Working Together

The Social Fitness Network is a network of high quality local fitness clubs, martial arts gyms and specialty fitness studios.  We have uniquely designed our network to benefit both individual members as well as local gyms. Our network allows members to have unprecedented value from their gym memberships while helping small businesses and the surrounding local economy. The SFN provides you access to more talent, friends and trainers from all the best gyms in your area. It also allows you to continue supporting the home gym of your choice and the local gym community.  Join today and have more options for your fitness experience than ever before!

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”

What is the Social Fitness Network?

The SFN is a network of high quality fitness studios and gyms that are interested in bringing as much value as possible to their members.  These top gyms have agreed to service each other’s members and allow one membership for all locations.  This allows SFN gym members access to an unlimited amount of independent specialty fitness classes.

How do I join the Social Fitness Network?

Click here to Sign Up!  Once you are a member you can go to any gym in the network!

Is there an enrollment fee in the network?

No contracts or enrollment fees! Members can change or cancel their account at anytime.

Can I go to any gym in the network?

Yes, once you are a member you have instant access to all the gyms in the network!  Just check their schedules!

How does my gym join the Social Fitness Network?

We are looking for top quality fitness studios, boxes, martial arts gyms and small business health clubs that want to increase their network. If your gym is accepted it costs you nothing to join the SFN.  The SFN will sign up members to your gym and bring more value and retention to your members than ever before.  This is a network by gym owners, for gym owners! – Click here to apply!